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Servers & Network

Servers & Network Solutions

We’ll keep your network and server problems to a minimum with our Servers & Network Solutions preventing any downtime and disruption to your business. Here's how we'll help:

Benefits of managed networks

Our Servers & Network Solutions  services are available to all sizes and types of organisation. We use a combination of remote automation tools and our expert IT support technicians to provide a unique range of benefits:

• Fewer problems or disruption
• No disruption during setup
• 24x7 real time monitoring for potential issues
• Pre-emptive maintenance – acting on early alerts to prevent issues
• Scalable pricing and value for money
• Ongoing technical support
• Better security
• Anti-virus, threat management, and software patching updates

Why us?

• No other local Managed IT provider can offer the mix of IT and communications capability and expertise we have to offer, meaning better choice, reliability and convenience for you

• We have all the accreditations and certifications you’d expect, plus the underlying technical solutions we use are proven industry-leading designs and products

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