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Why Choose Select Computer Systems?

01. Proactive Approach to IT 

Nobody wants (or needs) the hassle of repeatedly calling IT support providers for the same problem. Applying a quick-fix to a problem when the underlying issue has not been resolved is like putting an Elastoplast on a deep wound. Select Computer Systems technicians like to get to the root cause of the problem. We like spotting issues before they become problems that take your systems offline - ultimately costing you time and money.

02. Practical Solutions

We specialise in practical solutions that deliver real world benefits. By taking the time to get to know your business and its goals, our team of engineers can deliver technology solutions that will increase your efficiency, security and profitability.

03. We speak plain English

Although our engineers are well educated in geek speak, we realise that’s not what you want to hear. Instead, we focus on speaking plain English so that you always understand what we are doing and why. We won’t blind you with science.

04. Data Security and Privacy 

All of our work processes and methodologies are designed to protect the security and privacy of your data. All your data is handled in accordance with the Data Protection Acts 2018 and compliant with GDPR regulations.

05. Fast response times and flexible support

A good acid-test of any IT support company is how they respond to emergencies. Servers not booting, email not working, VPN link down; no matter how well maintained your computers or network is, situations sometimes arise where you will need support at short notice. We pride ourselves on our flexibility because we know that it matters to you.

06. Relationships

We can provide the personal touch. All of our clients know us by name and many have been with us for years. We provide a fast, friendly and reliable service based on solid relationships. Over the years, many of our existing customers have been the best source of new business. We look after them and they look after us.

07. Honesty

Our technicians have a wide hardware and software skillset, but if you need a solution that is outside our area of expertise, we will point you in the right direction. We don’t waste our time on incomplete solutions and we certainly don’t want to waste yours.

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